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SteadyTrader Trading Tools

Successful trading is more than just finding a strategy to make good trading picks… the “what” of trading..

It’s equally about “money management” — “how and when” you trade. SteadyTrader offers professional insights into this area, as well.

We especially encourage you to try our Strategy Stress Tester (SST). There’s nothing like having a business-grade P&L at your side to evaluate your money management technique.

Strategy Stress Tester (SST)

Every business manager manages to a P&L spreadsheet.

Your trading is a business, too.

The Strategy Stress Tester is your complete P&L for any strategy you want to trade. Not only, that, it runs out projected Daily Cash Flows as well.

A must have tool for every systematic trader!


Quick-Cycle Rotational Portfolio

Learn why “quick-cycle” trading amplifies the revenue-producing power of just about any trading system. (This is also the methodology behind SteadyTrader’s own Green Light Trades). Free to download.