Trading Strategies


Green Light Trading Strategy

Dig Deep for the best trades. Run your own customized scans for buy signals.

Get the full strategy behind our popular Green Light Trades. All the rules and training to run your own scans (giving you the power to tweak them to your own particular needs).

Includes unlimited access to the SteadyTrader Scan Room – watch over our shoulders.  PLUS 1 free month of MetaStock (for new subscribers)




Green Light Reports

Plain & Simple. Get a line on the best trades for tomorrow… today.

Green Light Trades publish daily reports of trading signals with a probability for a positive swing trade over the course of the next 5 days.

Every buying signal comes with a precise entry target, plus an overall market strength indicator to provide context for the next trading day.



Green Light Your Trades

SteadyTrader’s Green Light trading strategies make it possible for you to trade with the analytical insights of professional-grade quantitative analysis of stock market trading data.

Being a “quant” is hard.  Successful Stock Market Quants tend to have extensive mathematical education and deep understanding of the exact operational mechanisms of the trading infrastructure that underlies each market.

You will find many providers who attempt to “teach” you how do your own “quantitative analyses” in just a few classes.  We believe this is an exercise in foolish over-reach, like watching a few hours of Tiger Woods videos and expecting to play like him.  You are not going to become a “quant” after watching a few hours of video!

That’s why we take a different approach. We use professional-grade tools to do the advanced mathematics.  You get the results of the quantitative analysis — without doing the actual calculations it takes to get there.

As an individual trader, your main concern (in our opinion) should always be:

  1. Should I make the trade?
  2. How much should I risk on this trade?
  3. Should I apply limits and stops in an attempt to control for risk?

These are ALWAYS the big decisions.  These can only be your decisions — and we do not believe that anyone should take answers for these big questions from some “system” or “report”.

That said, we encourage you to try Green Light signals. Run the scans yourself, or take the easy way and just subscribe to the reports. Use them as the “starting point” they are intended to be.  “Paper trade” with them (without risking any of your money on a live trade) during your trial, and decide for yourself if Green Light signals can work for you.