The Market Pulse Report

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The Market Pulse Report


What makes a trend a real trend?

We’re talking about a trend that’s worth trading.  One that will continue long enough to give you a good return on your investment of time and money taking the trade.  What makes you think that a small initial price move is the beginning of a real breakout?

We all hear the same advice.  Trade stocks and ETF’s that are moving up.

And we’ve all been burned.  The price has been moving up for the last couple of days.  You take the trade — and within hours, or even minutes, you’re under water.

When you think about it, the whole notion of validating a trend remains a mystery to most traders. And a “blank spot” in most trading systems.

Many older trading systems talk about entering a stock tomorrow if the price rises “above today’s high”.  Why is that? The answer, sad to say, is that it just “sounds good”.  As if there is some mystical rule of “price resistence” based on yesterday’s high.

The Market Pulse is an entirely new way to read the overall conditions of tomorrow’s stock market.

That’s because the very nature of any type of price trend is “relative”. Relative to today’s overall market structure. We’re talking about more than just momentum.  A market can seem to have momentum, but it’s just the result of a few key stocks, or one sector, making a big move.

SteadyTrader found that market cohesion is more important. “Cohesion” is the unified movement of thousands of individual price moves occurring every day. On some days, price moves show an overall pattern. On other days, they are more unstructured. And this “cohesion” can be measured as “building” — or “receding”.

We call it the “pulse” of the market. It changes on a daily basis. And it can change the way you approach trading.

The Market Pulse is a precisely calculated indicator, that helps set targets based on real “tidal strength” rippling through the whole market.The Market Pulse is the “missing link” that can help improve the accuracy of any type of trend trading system.The Market Pulse can help you determine whether or not a price move you’re tracking is indicative of a real trend — one worth trading — or not.

This “Market Pulse” affects every stock and ETF. And the failure to adjust for the daily ‘market pulse’ is a big reason why most trading systems fail. Because most systems tell you to follow the same rules every day.

Think about it. Yesterday the market was down. Today it’s up. Why on earth would you not make an adjustment to your trading methodology — to compensate for the overall character of the market?

We have found that reading the Market Pulse may be a useful input to defining what makes a price move a trend. Today, a 1% price move might be a valid indicator of the beginning of a trend worth trading.  Tomorrow, a 1% price move might indicate a trend that will fizzle out — or even turn against you.

The Market Pulse helps you set the bar on a daily basis, to separate true trends from false starts.


How It Works

The Market Pulse report is published in the evening before each trading day. It gives you readings for:

  1. The Market Pulse
  2. The Market Bias
    – Building or Receding
  3. The Trend Threshold
    – An exact number your stock or ETF pick should reach the next day… if the trend is real.

For example, the Market Pulse Index might be “Strong (63)”, the Bias “Building” with a Trend Threshold of 0.8%. This means that if the price moves 0.98% or more the next day, you may have a high probability of a trend worth entering.

The Market Pulse can be used in conjunction with many types of trading strategies.  There are many inidcators, oscillators & strategies that may be used to identify trending issues.  One can even use reports from analysts and media pundits.  The Market Pulse is a tool that can be used with any of thes methods, almost as a final “hurdle” to validate the trend as part of the buy order.


Take a two-week trial and see for yourself how the Market Pulse Report can improve the accuracy of your trading decisions!