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Use This 3-Indicator Approach
to “Triangulate” Your Buying Signals


The Right Tool for Today’s Markets
You really are “only as good as your last trade”. And Green Light Trades are doing well — right now — in what many consider to be a tough market.

(from Actual Signals Sent to Subscribers)
Date Symbol Days Held Move
12/17 TECS 5 +25.0%
12/10 FAZ 5 +7.5%

* Past Performance Does Not Indicate Future Results


Triangulating Indicators — Watch This Video to Learn Why It Works!






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2018 Monthly Gains

What About Down Markets?

Green Light Trades find good moves on “bad days” (when Green Light often signals “Bear” Leveraged ETFs). When the markets get pummeled, Green Light signals Bear Leveraged ETFs, like DUST, which gained 22% in just 5 days in December.

* Past Performance Does Not Indicate Future Results


Satisfaction Guarantee

Your purchase of the Green Light Trading Strategy is fully guaranteed. Review all the materials for  2 full days. If it’s not for you, your account will be closed and you will not be charged for the final purchase. Please click here to order now.

The new pattern of “reversals every few days” has been in effect for over 2 years now.

It is the new normal.

Traders need to adjust to these new realities — and that’s exactly what Green Light does.

The Green Light Trading Strategy helps you trade the market hard and fast. Get in, work your money. And get out. Before the market changes its mind (and direction) and steals your gains.

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How It Works

Green Light uses not just one or two, but 3 separate indicators — each with different strengths — that combine to give unparalleled precision trading signals.

  • 1) Swing Trade Oscillator

    Your first Green Light scan uses the RMO. This is a highly accurate indicator, but it’s time horizon is not short enough for today’s markets…

  • 2) Trend Strength

    Next up, you’ll pass the result through short-term momentum filters, targeting the past 3 days of price movement.

  • 3) Buying Pressure

    Your signals will must make the final cut by showing strong Order Book buying pressure. This brings time horizon up to the current moment.
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Here’s What You Get
(Green Light Trading Strategy is a Complete Packge)

You will receive the following when you take order to the Green Light Trading Strategy.

    • Instructions for Daily Scans

      SSTQuickStartYou’ll learn exactly how to run scans to find the kinds of fast moving  “Green Light” trades we describe here. Both printed instructions and videos.

    • Scan Room Videos

      You get unlimited access to video recordings of us doing the scans every week. You’ll quickly master Green Light by running your scans first — Scan Room Videos   then looking over our shoulders on the video watching us actually run the scans in our office.  The Scan Room recordings are posted on your private home page where you can watch them whenever convenient.

  • Daily Signals

    Green Light ReportsYou’ll receive Free Access to Green Light Daily Signals service  for one month. (normally $49/month).  It’s a great way to check the results of your scans against the signals we find at our offices.  A great way to learn a trading methodology.

  • Quick-Cycle Money Management Plan

    Quick Cycle PortfolioEvery trading strategy is a 50/50 effort.  One half of the success comes from being able to generate accurate signals for high potential trades.  The other half comes from using the most appropriate money management system.  Green Light relies on our Quick-Cycle Rotational Portfolio.  You’ll receive full instructions on how to set up this system, which has the potential to turn into a mechanical money machine.

  • Scanning Tools

    MetaStockWe use MetaStock® to run our scans. You’ll receive a one-month free trial of MetaStock  End-of-Day scanning service.  If you prefer to use another scanning tool, you can transfer what you see in MetaStock to your own preferred tool.

  • Your Private Home Page

    MetaStockAll your Green Light tools are accessible online at your password protected account. Just log in to your private home page … everything you need is right there. Videos, Daily Signals, Strategy Manual, the SST, and your Quick-Cycle Portfolio model are all in one spot.



What Makes Green Light Unique?

Green Light Trades produce results like these because Green Light takes a different approach than just about any other service.

  • Just a Few Trades!

    Many systems, scans, and tools give you lots of positive signals. 5, 10, or even 20 per day. And this is precisely why these systems fail! Here’s the secret. In order for you to achieve the quoted “accuracy” & “gains” from a system with lots of signals, you would need to trade the entire portfolio of “buy” signals! Obviously, your account is not that large, so you “cherry pick” your favorites — which means that your results (statistically speaking) become entirely unpredictable.

    Green Light Trades give you just 3-4 signals every day. You can trade the entire portfolio with as little $6,000 in open positions on average — so you will be more likely to see the results you expect.  Please, do yourself a favor and stop being fooled by long lists of signals you might see elsewhere.  When it comes to your personal trading, LESS IS MORE!

  • Just Current Data

    Many systems and tools use a vast amounts of “historical sample portfolio data” as the basis of their output. Green Light takes a different approach. Our algorithms scan recent trading data. We don’t believe that today’s market is anything at all like the markets of 2008 … or 2012. The rapid expansion of high-frequency trading, dark pools, and extended hours trading have fundamentally changed the way markets behave.  And for that reason, we run the daily scans on a short-term time frame .– so you get stocks “green lighted” because of current market  forces — not past patterns..

  • Just Short-term Holds

    We do have a bias.  We believe it’s best to “get in and get out quickly” in today’s markets that are so influenced by the 24-hour news cycle. Green Light Trades help you rotate your money in and out of the market. A short-term focus may also help prevent losses due to unforeseen market dips — which typically catch everyone by surprise. With Green Light Trades, your money is invested only when it is working for you.

Who Are Green Light Trades For?

Green Light Trades is designed to by used by any active trader who …

  • Trades short-period holds, or is a day trader or intra-day trader
  • Use data-driven “quant reports” on a daily basis to identify high-probability trades
  • Values selectivity over a large list of possible trades
  • Trades systematically and steadily, continually taking profits from trades as quickly as possible

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