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You really are “only as good as your last trade”. And Green Light Reports are doing well — right now — in what many consider to be a tough market.

(from Actual Signals)
Date Symbol Days Held Move
1/30 SFLY 4 +39.1%
1/29 ENVA 5 +18.3%
1/17 MOV 3 +3.4%
1/12 NKTR 2 +5.4%

*Past results not indicative of future performance


Sample Daily Report

Green Light Trades Report




“Trade Stocks That Are Moving Up!” You know this absurdly simple statement is the #1 rule for trading professionals. So, that leaves the question:

How To Spot Trends Worth Trading?

Green Light Reports — from the ‘quants’ at — give you signals for fast moving Stocks & Leveraged ETFs that show a powerful combination of Accuracy, Strength, and Speed…

How It Works

Here’s what you get when you sign up for Green Light Reports.

  • Daily Trade Signals

    Reports are published after markets close, by 8pm ET in the evening before the next trading day.. Every report lists the best-rated stocks & leveraged ETFs for your consideration.

  • Green Light Ratings

    Each ticker symbol on the report has it’s own 1,2, or 3 “green light” rating, allowing you to pick just the best, or all of them.

  • Tomorrow’s Market Reading

    You also get a Green Light Overall Market Rating for the entire market that reflects the overall conditions that may be in effect tomorrow.  In some cases, based on a low overall rating, you might decide to hold off on any trading for the next day.

  • Precise Target Entries

    Every trading signal includes the current (closing) price, along with a “target entry” price designed to act as an automatic buffer — to keep you out of “false” trends. In fact, over 85% of signals that hit these targets have gone on to be winning moves.

  • Historical Results

    Prior reports are updated each day, showing the subsequent price moves. It’s all there for you to review. You get full disclosure.

When you take your Trial Subscription, you will be able to verify exactly how well the service is performing by looking at each of the archived daily reports. The results speak for themselves.

Who Are Green Light Reports For?

Green Light Reports designed to by used by any active trader who …

  • Use data-driven “quant reports” on a daily basis to identify high-probability trades
  • Values selectivity over a large list of possible trades
  • Trades systematically and steadily, continually taking profits from trades as quickly as possible
  • Trades short-period holds, or is a day trader or intra-day trader

You will see the archived daily Green Light Reports when you take advantage of the Trial Subscription available now. The moves speak for themselves. Please click here to log-in now.