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There’s no question that the Stock Market is THE place where the wealthy get even more wealthy. But can you, as an individual trader get your fair share?
The answer is simple. Yes, the markets are structured to favor the big traders.  So, you need to understand exactly how these biases work against you — only then can you make them work FOR you.
Here’s the problem.  The very core  dynamics of how stocks are traded has changed fundamentally over the last decade.This has nothing to do with the great crash of 2008.  It does have a lot to do with technology and the financial media.Meanwhile, the entire industry continues to pummel you with the decades-old myths about “your father’s stock market”.  They do this to keep you “out of the money”. And as Black Rock reported last year, they are doing a great job.  The average individual investor earned less than 2.3% per year over the last 20 years.That’s because the average individual trader has a completely misguided view — created by the incessant drum of the popular financial media — of the fundamentals of what takes to trade successfully.Every once in a while, a tiny bit of the truth comes out.  You’ll see a book about “front-running” or an article about “dark pools” or an expose of a pundit.
Our new eBook, Read-This-First: Before You Buy Stocks puts it all together for you. With crystal clear examples, so you won’t forget. It uses a simple, straight 2-step approach. First, it exposes the myths and spotlights the reality of how the markets work.  This part will be painful to read for some of you, but not as painful as the pattern of losses that comes from trading based on a dream.  Once it has helped you dump all the “hype and junk” out of your brain, it helps you see how to approach stock trading like a professional does.The key to successful trading is to avoid the common mistakes made by 99% of most individuals. You”ll find the answers in this book, including:

  • The truth about the importance of Market Timing
  • What really determines a Stock’s Price
  • The 3 Structural Biases You Must Avoid
  • When & Where the big fish trade
  • Which specific markets show the most opportunity for individual traders
  • How to identify a Winning Trading System
  • Turn the Tables on 4 Industry Myths that Hold You Back

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Why are we giving this book away free?

The editors at have been in the business of helping inidividual traders learn professional trading techniques for over a decade.

At a certain point, we got tired of all the hype and decided to create this site — —  for “grownups”.  For traders who understand that there is no reward without education and effort.  There are just too many “fairy tales” circulating in the media about how the markets work (complete with pictures of yachts, mansions, fast cars and fast girls), and this hurts everyone involved.

Elsewhere on, you’ll find other professional grade information services that do charge a fee.  We hope that once you read our free eBook, you may just come back and try one of those products.

— The Editors

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