About Us

About Us

The principals behind SteadyTrader.com have over 20 years experience working in the field of investor & trader education.

We have worked with dozens of providers of publications, books, courses, strategies, tools, and software — all designed to help individual traders succeed in their efforts to trade the financial markets.

Our purpose is simple: to cut through all the hype, emotion, and misinformation that circulates in the media and the financial services industry itself.

Part of the reason is that “technology” (i.e., computers and the Internet) has fundamentally changed the landscape in the past decade or so — and the old myths that were made over the past 50 years just do not apply anymore.  But those myths die hard.

The good news is that (we believe) the tools to allow individuals to trade competitively with Wall St. professionals do exist.  But these tools and approaches require a cool head, a rational mind, a willingness to learn, and discipline to spend one’s time wisely.

We call ourselves the “anti-financial services website” — not because we are against the industry, but because we see things differently.

  • We are “anti-hype”.  Especially, “get-rich-quick” hype.
  • We are “anti-overkill” with reams of conflicting (“so-called”) data
  • We are “anti-today’s-new-flavor” of trading.
  • We are “anti-pretending-to-be-what-you’re-not” … such as a “quant’ or an “analyst” or an “economic/political savant” who can predict how world events will play out on the markets.

We do believe in the “scientific method” (hypothesis, test, rollout) because that’s what gave us all this technology that not only runs the markets but every aspect of our daily lives.

Moreover, we believe in Quantitative Analysis, because the best anyone can do is to estimate the various “probabilities” of various trading results and patterns.

It’s no accident that “Quant” rhymes with “Quantum Mechanics”, the branch of Physics that led to the majority of technological breakthroughs in past 100 years.  And while Einstein is famous for saying “God does not play dice with the Universe” (initially Albert opposed Quantum Mechanics) — as the years rolled on, the idea that the entire physical universe is based on “probabilities that can shift in the wink of an eye” — this somewhat fuzzy vision is now considered to be irrefutable fact by the vast majority of scientists.

And so, you will notice that most of what we talk about at SteadyTrader are ideas, principles, tools, and strategies that are backed by computer analysis of  massive amounts of data.  Because if it’s good enough to guide the laser that sculpts an eyeball to 20/20 vision, or parallel park a Mercedes automatically, or bring up the next Web page on a computer screen — well then it’s good enough to help us trade.

We hope you will find SteadyTrader.com useful, and we look forward to helping you figure out how you can meet your trading goals.

— The SteadyTrader.com Team