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Green Light Market Scans help you find quick trades — with 3-day average holds — so you can take your gains before the market changes it’s mind. Sign up for daily reports (easy), or learn the full strategy to customize your own scans (advanced).


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The first step to success — erase the myths promoted by brokerage advertising and financial media — and learn the truths that every pro trader is taught on “day one”…

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The Strategy Stress Tester (SST)

A Real P&L for Your Trading

Treat your trading like the business it is!  Every business manager use a P&L budget model — most traders use “the back of a napkin”. That is plain crazy! Our model shows you how to set profit targets, position sizes, hold times, & more. Just plug in your trading goals, and find out if they make sense … Works for any systematic trading strategy. TRY IT

Are You Ready to Become a Steady Trader!

Professional traders are disciplined!

1) They go to work every day & engage with the market — even if they don’t make a trade every day.

2) They use strategies that are validated by both track record AND P&L spreadsheet models.

3) They work over months (and years) with the same tools & strategies … in order to develop master-level wisdom using them.

If this type of trading appeals to you, Steady Trader has what you need.

If you prefer to believe industry hype, always looking for the next “great new strategy” that promises a “big win”  with little to no effort — like this idiot “central casting model” in the picture — please go elsewhere. There are plenty of other companies that are happy to feed your fantasies & take your money.